Kannada Prepositions

English Prepositions Kannada Prepositions
Prepositions padha punja
inside the house maneya olage
outside the car carina horagade
with me nanna jothe
without him avanilladhe
under the table mejina kelage
after tomorrow naale adhamele
before sunset suryasthadha olage
but I’m busy adhare naanu thumbha busy

List of Prepositions in Kannada

English Prepositions Kannada Prepositions
about bagge
above mele
across moolaka
after aamele
against viruddha
among madhye
around suthha
as haage
at alli
before aagale
behind hindhe
below kelage
beneath kelage
beside pakka
between madhye
beyond dhhora
but aadhare
by moolaka
despite aadhare
down kelage
during aaga
except bittu
for adhakkagi
from adharindha
in indha
inside olagindha
into olagindha
near hatthira
next balika
of indha
on mele
opposite viruddha
out horage
outside horagade
over mele
per madhye
plus matthu
round gola
since indha
than mele
through indha
till alliyavaregu
to indha
toward sameepa
under kelage
unlike adhannu bittu
until alliyavaregu
up mele
via indha
with jothe
within olagindha
without illadhe
two words eradu padhagalu
according to adhakkanusaravagi
because of adhakkagi
close to adhara hatthira
due to addhakkagi
except for adhannu biitu
far from adhrindha dhoora
inside of adhara olage
instead of adannu bittu
near to adhara hatthira
next to adhara balika
outside of adharindha horage
prior to addhakintha hindhe
three words mooru padhagalu
as far as eevaregu
as well as atharindha
in addition to athara jothege
in front of athara mundhe
in spite of athagyu
on behalf of adhakkagi
on top of adhara mele
demonstrative prepositions demonstrative prepositions
this idhu
that adhu
these ivu
those avu

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