Gujarati Alphabets (સ્વરો)


The Gugarati script was adapted from the Devanagari script to write the Gugarati language. The earliest
known document in the Gugarati script is a handwritten manuscript dating from 1592, and the script
first appeared in print in a 1797 advertisement. Until the 19th century it was used mainly for writing
letters and keeping accounts, while the Devanāgarī script was used for literature and academic
writings. Gugarati language has 13 vowels and 34 Consonant

a | अ અનાનસ | ananas
Meaning: Pineapple, अनन्नास
અજગર | ajagar
Meaning: Python, अजगर
અજવાળુ | ajavalu
Meaning: Light, प्रकाश
aa | आ આગ | aag
Meaning: Fire, आग
આરતી | aarthi
Meaning: Aarti, आरती
આકાશ | aakasha
Meaning: Sky, आकाश
i | इ ઈમારત | imarat
Meaning: Building, बिल्डिंग
ઈતિહાસ | eetihas
Meaning: History, इतिहास
ઈસ્ત્રી | istri
Meaning: Iron Box, लौह बॉक्स
ii | ई ઈટ | iit
Meaning: Brick, ईंट
ઈડલી | idli
Meaning: Idli, इडली
ઈશ્વર | ishwar
Meaning: Lord Siva, भगवान शिव
u | उ ઉદર | undar
Meaning: Rat, चूहा
ઉદય | uday
Meaning: Sunrise, सूर्योदय
ઉધ્યાન | udhyan
Meaning: Garden, उद्यान
uu | ऊ ઊટ | oont
Meaning: Camel, ऊंट
ઊન | uun
Meaning: Wool, ऊन
ઊલીયુ | uliya
Meaning: Tongue Cleaner, जीभ क्लीनर

ru | ॠ ઋષિ | rushi
Meaning: Saint, ऋषि
ઋતુ | ruthu
Meaning: Seasons, मौसम

e | ए એક | ek
Meaning: one, एक
એકતા | ekta
Meaning: Unity, एकता
એલચી | elchi
Meaning: Cardamom, इलायची

ai | ऐ ઐરાવત | airavat
Meaning: Elephant chariot , हाथी रथ
o | ओ ઓશીકું | oshiku
Meaning: Pillow, तकिया
ઓજસ | ojas
Meaning: Luster, आलोक
ઓંલખ | oalakh
Meaning: Identity, पहचान

au | ऑ ઔષધ | aushadh
Meaning: Medicine, औषध
ચૌદ | chaud
Meaning: fourteen, चौदह

amm | अं અંતર | antar
Meaning: Distance, दूर
અંજીર | anjir
Meaning: Anjeer Fruit, अंजीर

ahha | अः

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